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Schedule. Track. Analyze.

In one smart collaborative space.

Innovative Business Controls


Optimized Processes

With VIEW 360, all business processes are optimized and streamlined in one centralized system.

Manage Risk & Regulatory Compliance

As state and federal regulations become more complex, VIEW 360 guarantees operational and digital intelligence to achieve accurate regulatory compliance & reporting.

Effective Resource Utilization

Automated scheduling and reporting on VIEW 360 ensure the optimal use of skilled resources on specialized jobs.

Safety Improvements

Automated and unified reporting helps easy data analysis providing predictive inspection insights. It also helps identify threats before they become incidents.

Automated Scheduling With View 360

More than 35 social platforms are integrated into the app. Juggle a dozen important details in one place and we assure you that everything runs according to plan.

The 3-step process mechanism

Create Jobs
We can easily handle job creation for you through an inbuilt template within the application. Share your ideas to get the proper view.
Modify Jobs
Assess the editing required and our experts will craft your versioned designs.
Filter Jobs
Filter, Sort, and Arrange your work as per your Vision. We’ll finalize the appropriate views for your database with proper coding.
01 – login screen

Start-up with the login screen

Leverage View 360 Login Screen to create and access personal dashboard. Visualize your data using different views in a secured way.
02 – A Better way to Organize

A Collection of
My Dashboard Features

Descriptive Personal Dashboard to manage all the tasks in your life
Includes multiple workflows; the template has New Jobs , Job Calendar and much more.
Easy to Check, Edit, Filter All tasks in real time.
Changes are instantly synced within the platform.
03- Perfect Grid View

Gantt Chart View & Filtering

Get the visual aspect for all of the tasks involved in a project, and their order, shown against a timescale. Simplified and Instant Synopsis of your project and the deadlines involved.

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