About View 360

About View 360


Every business, be it an enterprise, has its own set parameters but one thing is common, to operate the workforce.

View 360 provides a customized solution that incorporates all the tools & features in a single view that manages, automates, and streamlines a team’s activities, for all enterprises.

It’s simple! View your company status on your screen. View 360 is a powerful solution that can help you work smarter.

How View 360 Works?
It saves your time, money and you get an automated solution. The focus is on providing businesses a result-oriented solution that helps to restructure their operational & field activities.


Below mentioned is an overview of managing Complex Service Operations:
Appropriate Inventory and Asset Management
100% Paperless Automation solution
Clear Projections for Projects and Service Contracts
Schedule & Track Employee jobs, locations, time sheets in the Field Service Industry.
Easy Location tracking, one can view the position of the field workers on duty.
Access to information and storage of data within the organization
Capture, manage and access data faster

View 360 provides an incomparable application that generates a significant dashboard to view and manage active jobs, on-location of the job site, completed jobs, and status of field workers on map. You can also view the performance of the employees on the worked hours.

As the software shows the field workers and jobs on the map, it easily allows the administrator to track the field worker and also allowing him to assign the closest unit to a job and reduce drive time. It likewise gives field workers direction leads, controlled by Google maps.

Along with that, it reduces the efforts to maintain piles of paper contracts or details through paperless automation.


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