Better Resource Utilization
Automated scheduling and reporting on VIEW 360 ensures optimal use of skilled resources on specialized jobs.
Unified Data & Reports
Unified and real time data and reports for consultants and management
Organizational Safety
Configurable with organizational safety strategies and initiatives.

Service Industry
Challenges & Solution Overview


CHALLENGE- Manual Scheduling

Delivering continuous high-level service, while cutting costs and having to rely on newer, less experienced crews could eventually compromise a utility company’s safety performance.


VIEW 360 suggests technicians based on their availability, certification, and proximity for inspection and repair jobs.
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CHALLENGE- Regulatory Compliance and Risks

Specialized inspection jobs need to be performed under expert supervision and ensure all compliance rules are met during as smallest of errors can cause a huge safety risk.

SOLUTION- QC Assessment

VIEW 360 suggests inhouse QC staff to carry out QC assessment on technicians at regular intervals to ensure all compliance and safety procedures are met at worksite.
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Improve Technician’s Productivity & Customer Satisfaction

View 360 is the modern cloud-based service execution cross-platform solution that increases technician productivity and customer satisfaction by 93%.

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More than 400 companies across the globe have turned to View 360 to help them keep the world running.

Resource Utilization

Improved by 60%

Team Productivity

Increased by 93%

Data Analysis Insights

Improved by 76%

Reporting Time

Improved by 33%

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